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Perhaps, even without knowing it, you are “Location Neutral”. What does it mean? Simply that some lucky folks can work anywhere, their work is portable. Pardon the play on words, but you sure don’t have to work in a “neutral location” to be "location neutral"! Thoreau had it right, “Our lives are frittered away in detail. Simplify! Simplify!” Grab the golden ring. No better way to do just that than pack up, leave the rat race behind and come on out to our Rocky Mountain paradise!

Entrepreneurial Opportunity
With area resorts and recreation bringing five million visitors a year into the area, there are plenty of opportunities for an entrepreneur to attract customers. Hindsight…ever wish you had bought into local markets in Colorado, Montana or Wyoming years ago? Sure you do. Eagle Nest is that place now, the last best place in the Rockies for a reason. Capitalize a business for a fraction of other Rockies resort towns. Now is the perfect time to establish a business in the arts, entertainment, or service areas.   


Need more convincing? Four ski areas, legendary trout streams, casinos, history around every corner, high speed fiber optic connectivity, great cell service and the list goes on. Have you ever noticed how living in a place where others are happy tends to rub off? You’ve got it here.


The time has never been better to experience all that Eagle Nest has to offer.
Business opportunities abound, enviable living conditions, great schools and a close-knit community.


 Live, Work, Play, Retire in Eagle Nest…a paradise with endless opportunities! 


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