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Who'da thunk it?

Only New York City & Los Angeles have greater concentrations of art galleries than Northern New Mexico! 


Eagle Nest's 315 residents...

     Home to an eclectic high-altitude mix of talent and professions...sculptors, painters, Alaska Fish & Game biologist, artists, artisans, writers...a salmon boat skipper from the Aleutians, fishing guides, retired game warden, and a world-famous NYC Ballet dancer, captains of industry and an opera donna e mobile!

Why here you ask?  Hell, just look around!  Living here by choice, not necessity.


"Art is food for the soul"

     Visit the area's many museums, studios, galleries. Boutique shops, handcrafted jewelry. Ancient pottery forms, weavers, silversmiths. Hispanic, Native & Anglo. All and more combine in our stunning natural setting. Paradise found.

Culinary Arts...

     The area is home to great restaurants and street vendors, French to Mexican and of course - native New Mexican favorites. Bistro to adobe farmhouse, the cuisines and atmosphere vary. After a gallery walk, braced against the chill of a mountain evening, you are enticed into a cozy log cabin by a trace of woodsmoke and other intriguing scents carried on the night air. Chiles? Frijoles? A great meal and libations await, a fitting climax to a perfect day, but where to stay?


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